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Evia Living - a new way of living

Evia launches a new way of living in Denmark - in high quality serviced apartments surrounded by exquisite design and stunning, yet sustainable, Danish architecture. We are building in Copenhagen, north of Zealand and in Aarhus so you can live in a beautiful and safe area and an attractive neighbourhood - in close proximity to both nature and culture.

When you buy your Evia apartment, continuous upkeep and a high level of service are included, so you can spend your time as you wish. Our employees ensure that it is a magnificent place to live so you can let go of worries and get predictable costs with no unexpected surprises.

Pool and fitness studio, café and restaurant are part of the facilities and if you ever need any practical help or personal care, we can help you with that too. There will be events and activities and you can participate if you wish. That is up to you.

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How it works

You buy and sell your apartment at a price that reflects the level of the neighbourhood. You pay a monthly service fee to gain access to the shared facilities, services and for the on-going upkeep, upgrade and maintenance of the area and the buildings, including the exterior of your apartment. This way the area always looks as stunning as it did when you moved in, which is both pleasant and positive for the price when you sell.

If you prefer a higher degree of financial freedom, you can choose to pay a lower monthly service fee providing you pay a share of your sales price when your apartment is sold. If the market increases as expected, the increase in value can more than cover your payment to Evia and you can enjoy life with a minimum of monthly expenses. If the market decreases, Evia shares the risk with you.

Evia apartments will come in different sizes between 65m2 and 150m2 and each location will have between 150 and 250 apartments. The price level of the apartments and the service fee depends on the location and the size of the sites we will build on.

Strong and ambitious owners

Evia is a joint venture between the largest pension company in Denmark, PFA, and Audley Group which has more than 20 years experience developing and running luxury retirement villages in the UK. As a PFA client you get the possibility of buying before others.

The first Evia location will be Schæffergården in Gentofte. You can read more about it (in Danish) under 'Beliggenhed' or contact us if you would like more information.

We are also working on several other locations and plan to open in up to 10 areas within the next 10-15 years. We expect to share more locations during 2022 and open during 2026. Sales will open as soon as we can commence the process of building.