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Evia Living - a new way of living

Evia launches a new way of living in Denmark - in high quality serviced apartments surrounded by Danish design and architecture. We are building in all parts of Denmark in safe areas and attractive surroundings - and in close proximity to both nature and culture.

When you live in an Evia apartment, continuous upkeep and a high level of service are included, so you can spend your time as you wish. Dedicated employees ensure that it is a magnificent place to live so you can let go of worries and get predictable costs with no unexpected surprises.

Your fitness and well-beeing is supported by the facilities, food and beverage is an option and if you ever need any practical help or personal care, we can help you organise that too. There will be events and activities and you can participate if you wish. That is up to you.

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How it works

You rent your Evia apartment at a price that reflects the market level in the local area. As part of the rent, you pay a monthly service fee allowing you to benefit from services and facilities.

The level of the monthly service fee depends on the location and the amount of apartments sharing the cost and it is added to the rent.

There will be a variation in which facilities and how much service will be offered depending on location but there will always be a core of benefits enabling freedom to enjoy life with good food, physical activity, wellness and social gathering.

Besides the rent and service fee, you only pay for your use of electricity, water and heating and your insurance of household goods, internet and TV-package.

Evia apartments will come in different sizes between 65m2 and 120m2 and each location will have between 30 and 150 apartments.

Strong and ambitious owners

Evia is owned by the largest pension company in Denmark, PFA. As a PFA client you get priority before others.

There will be Evia locations all over Denmark.

We are working on several locations and plan to open in up to 10 locations within the next 10-15 years. We expect to share more locations during 2023.